About Us

Who We Are

We provide professional development focused on changing unsustainable consumer habits. While there are many different types of unsustainable consumerism, our organization is primarily focused on reducing consumption habits concerned with personal finance. Our training programs weave conscious decision making into everyday life by providing an easy-to-use evidence-based method.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide practical consumer skills to Millennials and Generation Z in order to help them become financially successful and independent.


Advertisements have gotten to know us all too well!


We believe consumers need to be equipped with the necessary skills to assess whether or not their purchases will be beneficial to their livelihood. We aren’t against direct marketing. We understand it’s an effective sales strategy.


However, traditional marketing strategies assume consumers are rational actors, which means that people only spend money when it’s financially in their best interest. As most of us have experienced, that’s not always the case!

Why Us

We have spent the last three years studying nonprofits and consumer education. Our model provides a solution currently absent from the market. We focus on changing poor financial habits in a relatable way.


We are a millennial woman-led organization. We have succeeded in helping students change by setting an example, and by providing an interactive and innovative curriculum.


Our model is not charity based. That is, our budget does not solely rely on donations. We are a service based nonprofit. We provide a service in return for a fee. Ten percent of our service fee is put towards our Parity Grant Program. You can find more information regarding our grant HERE.


In line with our financial policy, eighty percent of all donations go towards funding our grant program. The remaining twenty percent is used to cover administrative costs.