Creator owned platform curating ethical media and on-demand education.

Share, collaborate, and learn about everything from civic engagement to financial literacy to ethical beauty.

The co-op ensures each member’s content is adequately compensated with a one-time payment and/or royalties.

Most importantly, all content shared and/or collaborated on, within the co-op, remains the exclusive property of the creator.

We know. You’re already connected.

Parity Hub represents authentic connection, organic collaboration, and sustained growth.

The co-op was envisioned as an alternative public square — one that does not require a physical space.

Why you should consider collaborating and co-owning ethical content.

Content co-ownership allows members to keep creative autonomy while increasing ethical action for the stuff you care about.

Most importantly, it allows you to pick and choose where your content is placed and how it may be used to generate funds, if at all.

Traditional social media platforms were developed under a for-profit business model, which means they will almost always choose profits over people.

For-profit social connection platforms were not created to develop civil society; they were made by computer engineers — not social scientists or activists.

Social media was basically created for college boys to rate young women, and it ended up changing the world.

Parity Hub is where you own your work.

We work together.

We collaborate.

We create.

We build.

We advance.

We own.

It’s time for new spaces and new friends.

How does it work?

Co-op membership reduces business development burdens and increases funding opportunities. The co-op also helps members establish their content production guidelines and negotiate their desired compensation.
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Innovation only occurs when likeminded people join forces.

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