The Parity Pledge is a commitment to actively choose parity — equality — as a lifestyle and business strategy.

Throughout the year, we approach leaders and organizations with the opportunity to take the Pledge in order to help you (consumers) discern where you should spend your precious dollars.

We’ll share who took the Pledge at our November fundraiser!

Interested in taking the Pledge?

Tell us a bit about why you think you or your organization should take the Parity Pledge.


We (your and/your organization) take the Parity Pledge.
We will consider and actively choose policies furthering equality.
We commit to sex and/or gender equality.
We commit to pay parity and will expand
We commit to antiracism.
We commit to support our community
We commit to lead with love.
We commit to ethical finance.
We commit to multiculturalism.
We commit to authentic communication.
We commit to facts.
We commit to sustainable development. Save

We commit to compensating all employees and contractors a fair and living wage.
We commit to establishing a new supply chain reflecting Fair Trade standards.

We commit to a better future for all of us.

We commit to Parity.


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